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Sorts of wine


It is made according to old family recipes by using the passito method from grapes which have been dried to concentrate their juice which gives it the sweet taste. Prosek has a deep yellow colour, a wonderful bouquet, is exceptionally sweet, beautifully full and rounded.
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Our history

“There is bread, there is wine, sound is the head of a Dalmatian man There is no bread, there is no wine, aches the head of the Dalmatian man”… This is an old saying as from ancient times people in Dalmatia lived for wine and off wine. Ever since anyone can remember, it was the wine thatfed the people living there. That is why in Dalmatia it is said that wine is „A gift from God, a teardrop of the soil and a sweat drop of the peasant“.

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Noćnjak 2015.

17. Međunarodna manifestacija maslinara i uljara NOĆNJAK 2015. održala se od 26. – 29. ožujka 2015. u Hotelu Medena kod Trogira. Novost ...

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Vineyards of Dalmatia

The whole surface of Dalmatia is tightly knitted with vineyards. The areas under vines differ, though; not only in wine varieties, but also in climate, soil structure and other ecological conditions, which made the production of many different and distinct wines possible.

Croatian wine classification

Wine classification

Croatian wine classification

Croatian wines are classified by quality, which is clearly marked on the label.

Vrhunsko Vino: Premium Quality Wine
Kvalitetno Vino: Quality Wine
Stolno Vino: Table Wine

Croatian wine classification

Wine classification

Croatian wine classification

If the wine has a grape varietal stamp,it must be at least 85%
of the grape type whose name it carries.

Croatian wine classification

Wine classification

Croatian wine classification

Wines may qualify for a geographical origin stamp,if they are produced
from grapes grown in the same wine-growing region. The definition becomes
stricter for higher quality classifications, so that a premium quality wine
with geographical origin stamp must meet criteria for the type of grape, the
position in the vinogorije (wine-growing hill) with the distinct quality and characteristics for the varietal.


Authentic grape varieties

From the vineyards of “the beauty and abundance of the sun” wines of Dalmatia offered on the market both in Croatia and abroad have sprung out. The distinction and variety of wines comes from the climate, but it also comes from the human activity. This area is rich with native sorts of grape, many of which can be only found here, which makes Dalmatia unique in the wine growing world.