It's been said long ago that the entire history of Dalmatia is historically, economically and artistically tied to winemaking, because for a long time wine growing and winemaking has been a foundation of economy to the extent of defining peoples' destiny. The Dalmatian people were not unreasonable when they decided to plant vines because they knew there was nothing more profitable they could grow on the small farming land they had at their disposal. The meagre land gave the most interest when vines were planted there.

The grapevine was present in Dalmatia since ancient times; scientists estimate that grapes and wine were produced in this area as early as 3800 years ago by the inhabitants of the area at the time – the Illyrians. Historians came to this conclusion when they found grape pits in a place called Površje in the vicinity of the city of Zadar in an early Illyrian burial mound.

Stone portrait of a girl from roman city of Salona
3rd century AD